Justin Timberlake brought old time style back to the Grammy’s on Sunday night. His new song Suit and Tie reminded me of the big band songs that my parents loved to listen to. The first part of his performance was in Black and White…stunning! How lovely that someone so young has the grace to create some old world charm!


Embracing technology is important…it’s one of the reasons I’ve decided to Blog. However, my concern is that we are losing crucial communication skills because we are so busy trying to do it all on-line. At the risk of sounding out of date here is something I observed recently. I was in the waiting room of my Doctors office where two little girls were quietly reading a magazine together. Their Mom was on her phone and called them over to show them a new game that she found. Of course, they started arguing over who could play on the phone! I looked at her as if to say “Do you get what just happened here?”

 I’m sure that our Grand Parents felt that Television would ruin our lives and we all turned out OK…didn’t we?

First Television Set